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: :  THE PAST  : :

Nate was reared amongst the corn & soybean fields of Illinois. As a child he sat far too close to the TV while watching First Blood, causing his parents to cancel HBO and rush him off to the Optometrist to get his eyes checked. Since that pivotal moment, Nate has forever after been fated to look through lenses. 
He quickly climbed through the ranks of the Boy Scouts of America to the elite status of Eagle Scout by building his church an altar-slash-barbecue; it is unlcear if the structure was ever darkened by charcoal or enlightened by prayer.
Often he would train his eyes to the Northwest as the sun slowly sank behind the horizon, not knowing that one day he would call that distant coast his home. 




: :  THE PRESENT  : :

Nathan M. Miller is a cinematographer based out of Seattle & Los Angeles, who has lensed narrative, documentary and commercial projects across the US and abroad. Nate shot Ross Partridge’s LAMB, which premiered at the 2015 SXSW Film Festival, and was later released by The Orchard.  That same year, Nate premiered Todd Rohal’s UNCLE KENT 2, which won the SXSW Audience “Visions” Award, and was later released by Factory 25; as well as the documentary TOUGH LOVE which had it’s national broadcast on PBS’ stalwart non-fiction series POV.  The following SXSW, Nate premiered his collaboration with the Duplass Brothers on Linas Phillips’ RAINBOW TIME (The Orchard/Netflix), starring Melanie Lynskey. Nate was also the Second Unit DP on THE OFF HOURS, an Official Selection of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, and ”Best Cinematography" nominee at the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards.  At this year’s SXSW, Nate will premiere the short documentary LITTLE POTATO, which he co-directed with Wes Hurley, followed by a TriBeCa Film Festival premiere of the latest Duplass Brothers’ feature TAKE ME (The Orchard/Netflix) directed by Pat Healy and starring Taylor Schilling.  Next up, Nate will collaborate with Lynn Shelton on her latest as-of-yet-untitled feature.  


: :  THE FUTURE  : :